Serveis smarted

smarted covers the full range of language and publishing services, such as production, translation, revision, proof-reading of all kind of texts, until they are ready for publication in paper or digital format.

Services include

Receiving the order

Meticulous study of the proposal in order to assess the complexity level of the project from a linguistic, layout and printing viewpoint.
Assessment of the possible need for adaptation to the sociocultural reality of the target linguistic area.
Calculation of budget and deadlines based on the conclusions of this initial study.


Treatment of the text

Assignment of composition or translation of the text to the most appropriate professional, considering not only their thematic specialities but also their writing style.



If the theme of the project requires it, technical correction of the text will be undertaken by a specially-selected professional.
General revision and comprehensive copy-editing: an essential task meticulously carried out by expert linguists.



Text layout and arrangement, following the guidelines provided by the designer or publisher.
We work with the latest versions of InDesign and QuarkXPress.
Excellent layout for great content.



Proofreading and fitting the text into the layout, taking into account design criteria to ensure the best visual appearance of the final text.


Print-ready PDFs

Creation of print-ready PDFs from a carefully checked and laid out written or translated text in line with the customer’s parameters.

Production of print PDF

Proofreading of print files

Proofreading of print-ready PDFs in accordance with the customer’s PDF/A profiles.
Printing of files in order to detect possible PostScript errors and to make the necessary corrections.
Final proofreading of print plotters.



Precise information about the progress of the work may be requested by the client at any time, in addition to translation or layout samples. Detailed feedback will be given on any comments regarding the text or layout.

Job completed